fitmob and MobTribe / Athleta Gift Card Giveaway

fitmob and MobTribe / Athleta Gift Card Giveaway

Fitness & the City

Logo-Full-Large Happy Monday! Whenever I come across a new workout, you know I love sharing with you guys. 🙂 Have you guys heard of fitmob? fitmob offers fun and challenging workouts with top trainers in various neighborhoods in the bay area. Workouts range from cardio, strength training, to dance and yoga, also both indoor and outdoor. Unlike any gym membership, fitmob members can workout in various neighborhoods nearby, and pay weekly. The best part, members are rewarded for working out, so the more you workout, the less you pay each week! Sounds pretty cool right? CE1_7762CE2_7187 Well if that wasn’t enough, now fitmob is offering a new program called MobTribes. MobTribes is a shared personal training program that is affordable, fun and combines the coaching of a trainer with the motivation from a team. Its a group of 2-6 people matched with a top rated certified trainer handpicked by fitmob that can…

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