Reviews of Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

Ab rocket twister abdominal trainer provide the best way to tone ABS without having side effects on the body. Know what is the opinion of various people after using this abdominal trainer before you order for yourself.

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Health Benefits of Outdoor Fitness


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I have to confess I love the sunshine! There is nothing better than being outdoors when the weather is fine and watching the sun go down. Being a fitness fanatic I love to change my workouts in the Summer months and get myself out of the air-conditioned gym and breathing fresh air while I exercise. But for those that like to train outdoors, there may be more benefits than just the sunshine on your face.  Scientists have shown that outdoor exercise can reap many rewards that cannot be replicated by working out in the gym.


In the winter months I often add a treadmill routine to my program. Yet I always notice that when I start running outdoors I struggle to cover anywhere near the same distance as I can on the treadmill. Why? Outdoor running is harder. From the uneven surfaces that we run on to the wind resistance…

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fitmob and MobTribe / Athleta Gift Card Giveaway

fitmob and MobTribe / Athleta Gift Card Giveaway

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Logo-Full-Large Happy Monday! Whenever I come across a new workout, you know I love sharing with you guys. 🙂 Have you guys heard of fitmob? fitmob offers fun and challenging workouts with top trainers in various neighborhoods in the bay area. Workouts range from cardio, strength training, to dance and yoga, also both indoor and outdoor. Unlike any gym membership, fitmob members can workout in various neighborhoods nearby, and pay weekly. The best part, members are rewarded for working out, so the more you workout, the less you pay each week! Sounds pretty cool right? CE1_7762CE2_7187 Well if that wasn’t enough, now fitmob is offering a new program called MobTribes. MobTribes is a shared personal training program that is affordable, fun and combines the coaching of a trainer with the motivation from a team. Its a group of 2-6 people matched with a top rated certified trainer handpicked by fitmob that can…

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How Self-Love Will Change Your Life

How Self-Love Will Change Your Life

Following my recent post on Taking the Time to Learn to Love Yourself, I thought it’d be an encouraging next step to have a look at how the people who have achieved this live differently to the rest! In the last post I discussed how an open mind and the desire to learn more about yourself and the world around you can change your life and your outlook. But how does that influence other areas of our existence? When you shift from negativity to self-love, what are the real changes that you can expect to start seeing?

Well, first of all, as you start to really listen to your emotions you’ll find that you’re much better equipped to deal with them. Instead of holding them in until you explode, you’ll let them out as and when they occur – resulting in a much calmer attitude and greater peace of…

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